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The Evil Wizard Yellow Eyes mysteriously appeared in the Land of Perfection long, long, ago and demanded to become its ruler or else he would wreck the PERFECTOS’ “perfect” land with a magical spell. Authority and the PERFECTOS tricked him with a celebration in his honor and a Sleeping Ruby crown. Then they took this sleeping giant to a distant volcano where they lowered him to its inner ledge and threw his magic wand into the lava - melting it instantly and forever trapping its spells. This sleeping spell would remain as long as the crown rested upon Yellow Eyes’s head.  No one realized he and his spell would ever return. 
Now extremely angry Yellow Eyes continues to look for new ways to make PERFECTOS and “Imperfectos” pay for foiling his plans! Movie Retelling of Book 1
Crash is a high flying daredevil and was once a big attraction among his friends. However, he became a bit too daring and he paid no attention to how uneasy his wild antics made others.
Smash is a very soft-spoken and bright young PEREFCTO, but he quickly felt unimportant when his cousin Silent developed his unique talent. By not telling his family how he felt his sadness turned to jealousy and then to anger, which he took out on objects by smashing them. Others feared they would get in trouble by hanging out with him.
Thrash once enjoyed all the festivities and games in Perfection, but soon started to surround himself with Bruno’s group who were constantly negative about things and others. Soon he had a hard time seeing all the wonderful things in life and others.
Doink is really good-natured, but he is also very impressionable. Not thinking for himself and making poor decisions got him following the wrong crowd. He often allows himself to be the butt of jokes among this group because he thinks any attention is a good thing - it is not!
Once a star athlete in Perfection he soon found himself losing games to “Imperfectos” and not being able to accept this led to much of his anger!  Bruno started to organize a young group of jealous PERFECTO boys that couldn’t accept others unique qualities and then he gave them fitting nicknames - sadly his group was born.
Teaser once enjoyed the company of other PERFECTOS his age, but he became envious of the “Imperfectos” talents and began to ridicule their changed appearances. After awhile it sadly became part of his personality.
Spike was always looking for a way to be different and stand out. He didn’t understand that being kind and helpful would have been enough. When the first unique Perfectos came along he decided the best way to do this was by disagreeing with others about everything.
Once a well-liked joker, Jester soon lost many of his friends when he started to get laughs at other PERFECTOS’ expense. His jokes about others’ appearances were only appreciated by those who incorrectly thought poking fun at others would make them feel better about themselves.  
Rip was friendly and happy go lucky until he began struggling with his learning and instead of asking for help he tried to cover it up by pretending he didn’t care about it. Pretty soon he used this attitude whenever he was unsure about whether or not he could do something well; instead of trying, he simply didn’t do it.
Deep down these PERFECTOS, as well as Yellow Eyes, are all good-hearted. However, they somehow lost sight of all the wonderful things they have to offer others. It will be the job of all those in Perfection to once again make them feel special and realize how much they are loved! Terror! Terror, is my GAME. In fact it is my middle NAME. Perfectos, Oh Perfectos BEWARE, I can find you ANYWHERE! Whether awake or ASLEEP I don’t want to hear a PEEP! Terror! Terror, is my GAME. In fact it is my middle NAME. - Yellow Eyes Acceptance of others, their looks, their behaviors, their beliefs, bring you an inner peace and tranquility - instead of anger and resentment. – unknown
Chill was a neat and laid-back PEREFCTO, but he started to put too much effort into being “cool”. He often passed up chances to participate in games he really enjoyed because he felt they were for little kids - soon no one asked him to play anymore.