The Animals of PERFECTION Zorillas - These kind-hearted creatures are good friends and helpers to the PERFECTOS. They help in the village by carrying and pulling heavy loads and harvesting crops. Zorillas also love to be ridden and Bapple, a young zorilla, is Curious’s favorite way to get around the village. Zeke, the strongest of all zorillas,  is Bapple’s father and a gentle giant.
Vulturephants - These enormous and unusual birds did not appear in the land until after the Forbidden Volcano and Yellow Eyes awoke. They live in the eerie swamps that now surround the Forbidden Volcano and are kept as pets by Yellow Eyes.
Welcome to a land of beauty, happiness, and love.
Welcome to a land millions of years old.
Welcome to PERFECTION.
Antaroos - These gentle animals can be seen bounding through the village in search of tasty insects, playing with each other, and entertaining PERFECTOS with their high-flying tricks.
Froghorns - These bizarre little amphibians are also a result of the Forbidden Volcano’s eruption and can be seen hopping around in lakes, streams, and swamps.  It is believed that their horns are mystical, but this has yet to be proven because they mysteriously disappear whenever cornered.

Home to the PERFECTOS this land is a beautiful place where trees rustle in a gentle breeze, brilliantly green and soft grass cools the feet, billowy clouds fill the blue sky, and the smell of flowers fill the air.  

When not out enjoying nature or the daily festivities, picnics, and games PERFECTOS gladly help one another  with important chores.

There are no worries in Perfection and all those in the land are content... well that used to be the case.   Meet the PERFECTOS
Glowbugs - Brighter and safer than a candle these tiny bugs are very useful helpers. They enjoy lighting the way for Perfectos on dark nights and look forward to the tasty treats they receive in return.