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Mischief is an adventurous spirit who is always looking for something new to do. Some PERFECTOS felt he was responsible for reawakening Yellow Eyes and bringing danger back to the village, but Authority would tell you Mischief is responsible for opening PERFECTOS’ eyes to the joy of taking chances and learning from new experiences.
This friendly PERFECTO just can’t contain his curious nature and is destined to become Perfection’s next great mind. Not even fear can keep this inquisitive mind from searching for the answers to his many, many questions. As Authority says, “If you look hard enough for something you are always sure to find it.” Authority is the wise old leader of the land of Perfection and he is counted on to make sure everyone respects one another and does their share to make the land a peaceful and happy place to live. However, as you will discover not everyone is “perfect”, including Authority, and as he explains to the village  what truly matters is learning from our mistakes and one another.   

I and the rest of the Perfectos know that being a Perfecto is not something that can be seen, but rather is what is in our hearts ... Accept everyone for who they are and treat others the way you wish to be treated. - Authority
Sky is a sweet and caring PERFECTO who also happens to have the biggest and most beautiful blue eyes in the land. Her special eyes allow her to see very well on even the darkest of nights and much farther than all other PERFECTOS in the land. She is often called on to keep an eye on the very young and wandering PERFECTOS of the village.
Hank is a jovial and good-natured PERFECTO who is always willing to lend a hand - literally. His hands are as large as baseball mitts and extremely strong. He can easily hold three times as much stuff in his hands as any other PERFECTO and can crush a coconut as easily as a grape. Fred’s feet are as big as his heart and smile. Since his feet grew at least twice as large as any other PERFECTOS he has discovered he is able to balance on almost anything without fail and has become the village’s most trusted lifeguard due to the great speed he now swims with. Always shy and quiet  Nate was at first very self-conscious about his “new” nose. However, his incredible ability to smell things from miles away proved to be a great help to the village and Nate was named honorary firefighter for the land.  His new found confidence has made him a well loved and social PERFECTO. Love is a great nurturer and caregiver to all the PERFECTOS. She is always there to lift the spirits of anyone who is not having their best day. She also serves as the village doctor. Silent is a soft-spoken PERFECTO who is always there to listen to and help his friends. Silent is very knowledgeable about many things,  in large part because he listens and learns from others. At first he was worried about the appearance of his ears, but soon realized they were an extraordinary gift and he put them to good use. He has become an honorary watch guard for the village due to his ability to hear the tiniest of noises many miles away. Five of these PERFECTOS were the first to be physically changed by the Forbidden Volcano’s gases, which held Yellow Eyes’s once trapped spell.  Together these outcast PERFECTOS teach all of PERFECTION a valuable lesson in acceptance and all that is wonderful about being unique! Where there is perfection there is no story to tell. – Ben Okri