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Meet Yellow Eyes and his PERFECTO followers
Serenity has a peaceful and  charitable way about her that makes all PERFECTOS feel special. She is the first PERFECTO to suffer from a disability and needs a wheelchair to get around, but this doesn’t slow her down or keep her from doing things she loves: art, reading, and racing!
Ivory can light up a room with her beautiful smile and selfless personality.  She is always looking out for others and makes sure no one ever feels left out.
Silly and clever, Chunk brings laughter wherever he goes. This thick and stout PERFECTO is very strong and surprisingly fast. He enjoys giving youngsters rides on his back almost as much as they enjoy getting them.
Stu seems to be everyone’s best buddy! No matter what he is doing Stu will always stop to help a friend with a chore or just take time out to play with them. When he has difficulty getting his words out he will often sing them instead.
Tiny might be small, but this little PERFECTO is full of spirit! Little miss social butterfly knows everyone and always adds fun, excitement, and lots of laughter to the village games and festivities!
Expressive and good-humored, Lenny is always around the action. As the first PERFECTO to suffer from poor eyesight he used his smarts and inventiveness to create the very first pair of spectacles in the land - his own!
Joy is soft-spoken and sweet and she loves animals with all her heart. When not playing with or tending to animals she takes time to play with the baby PERFECTOS of the village. She is a source of happiness to all she cares for!
Stretch is a laid-back “cool cat” and by far the the tallest PERFECTO in the land. Always helpful and kind Stretch has become a favorite with the very young PERFECTOS, who love to ride on his shoulders!
The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance. – Brian Tracy