Everything in the land of Perfection has once again returned to “normal”, thanks to the talents of five unique Perfectos.  However, a small group of envious Perfectos can’t seem to accept the differences of others and as the number of “unique” Perfectos grow so does their jealousy.  These unhappy Perfectos, together with Yellow Eyes, will come up with a devious plan to get even with the “Imperfectos” and gain control of the land - once and for all!  

Will they succeed or will the peaceful and good-natured Perfectos prevail once again?  

Six captivating 5-minute chapters, filled with tension and hilarity, hold the answer. A PERFECT week’s reading with your children - seven 5 minute chapters! 
Everything is right in the land of Perfection. However, two young Perfectos, are anything but content.  Mischief and Curious long for excitement and adventure and set out to find it at the Forbidden Volcano.  Here they find more than excitement and adventure - they find danger!  Their mishaps lead not only to trouble for them, but for all of Perfection. As the Volcano and the Perfectos' enemy awaken, the land and faces in Perfection will change forever. In an effort to save their friends and village the Perfectos will learn a valuable lesson in acceptance and all that is wonderful about being unique.
Buy this Book at https://xlibris.com (click the book for a direct link to my book)https://xlibris.comshapeimage_5_link_0
Buy this Book at https://xlibris.com (click the book for a direct link to my book)https://xlibris.comshapeimage_6_link_0
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