Things I Like to Do
  1. 1.Spending time with family
  2. 2.Writing
  3. 3.Using my imagination (creating movies in my head)
  4. 4.Learning new things
  5. 5.Listening to what others have to say
  6. 6.Watching PBS & The Discovery Channel
  7. 7.Playing sports of all sorts
The Books
The Forbidden Volcano
© 1997,2002
The Revenge of Yellow Eyes?
© 1997, 2005
The History
These are some of my 4th  grade drawings. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep practicing and my artistic ability stopped at this level, so I needed to hire an awesome artist (Randy Jennings - click his name to learn more about him) for my books. Experts say without studying art techniques (lessons/books) most people will not progress beyond a 4th grade level. So if you want the ability to draw the fantastic ideas that pop into your head KEEP PRACTICING!
Click this early version of Nate to see other books illustrated by Randy Jennings!
The author
Name: Chase Fitzpatrick
Age: (math problem) current year minus 1973
Birthday: August 19
College: UCLA - Bachelors in English
Careers: Game creator, Elementary Teacher, Information Technology Healthcare Sales
Favorite Vacation: Moorea
Favorite Book: The Count of Monte Cristo
Favorite Movie: Citizen Kane
Favorite Quote: The best portion of a good man's life is his little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and of love - William Wordsworth
My 4th grade photo
Publishers interested in these & other works may contact me at
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